Top Smartwatch 2015

gear 2

It was very tough for me to narrow it down to one smartwatch for the top smartwatch 2015. Their were many amazing models that came out this year including the Samsung Gear S2 and the Apple Watch. The Samsung Gear S2 ...

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What Bluetooth Speaker to Buy


Are you stressing yourself out trying to decide what Bluetooth speaker to buy? Well look no further, you came to the right place. When choosing a Bluetooth speaker there are many things to look for. Many of the Bluetooth speakers ...

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Withings Pulse O2 Review


The Withings Pulse O2 is a sporty looking activity tracker. The Pulse comes with a comfortable watch strap and can be worn as a watch, in your pocket or you can even wear it like a necklace. This activity tracker ...

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The Best Handheld GPS for Geocaching


I’m sure most people reading this article already know what Geocaching is but for the few who don’t I will explain. is the worlds largest treasure hunt. People hide different caches all around the world, and then leave a ...

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Best Smartwatch for Running


Why would I waste my money on a fancy running watch? I hear variations of this question often from many of my running colleagues. Now I myself stay decked out in the latest running tech, because in my opinion, any ...

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Best Drone for Photography


If you’re a photographer and aren’t taking advantage of drones when filming or capturing images, then you’re missing out on an amazing 21st century tool. Most professional photographers these days are taking advantage of drones these days. Now that drones ...

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Best Electric Longboard – HeloTech


Electric longboards have changed the game when it comes to commuting short distances. Instead of using your car to travel less than 10 miles, you can now use an electric powered skateboard, and save yourself some cash at the pumps! ...

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